Our Mission

The Million Dollar Bus is a national nonprofit initiative that serves as both a CSR Platform (Corporate Social Responsibility) and social fundraising engine.

Our goal is to give a boost to purposeful, nonprofit initiatives that are creating positive change in their community but are in need of support.

Nonprofits need our help
Need Support

Small grassroots projects create an incredible impact on our their local communities, yet they are often drastically in need of resources, awareness, and support.

Most of these projects operate with a small volunteer staff and even smaller budgets. They focus almost all their efforts on their programming and as such, invest very little into marketing, branding, and community awareness which is often their biggest struggle to increase their support.

Without proper funding and adequate volunteer support, many of these local projects struggle and as resources become tight many are forced to close their doors forever.

How the MDB is Driving Change
Driving Change

By launching local fundraising and awareness campaigns for these grassroots initiatives we are helping to give them the boost they need to increase their capacity for impact, with the intent that they will become more sustainable and continue their positive community work for years to come.

Our focus for each campaign is threefold:

  1. Increase project awareness and engagement in the community
  2. Educate and collaborate to create valuable marketing assets and tools to help projects demonstrate their impact
  3. Increase project resources in funds and volunteers to help give an immediate boost to project impact

And of course, fundraising for these projects happens in a very unique way.

With each donation to the local projects, supporters get to add a custom square with their name, picture or logo added to the outside of our Million Dollar Bus.

By selling off the entire outside of our bus we will raise $1 Million Dollars and help to jumpstart positive projects from all across the country.

Our mission is to not only support these purposeful communty projects but to give them the tools and resources they need so they can demonstrate to the world the impact they are creating and why they need the support.


Meet Our Team

Ryan Lancaster

Ryan is a social entrepreneur, writer, speaker and dreamer and the visionary behind our Million Dollar Bus project. With the desire to further create a purposeful life following the launch of his Scale My Life project, Ryan quit his job and sold his house to renovate an old school bus that would become the Million Dollar Bus.  Continue reading “Ryan Lancaster”

Melissa Sbrega

Community Manager
Managing communications & media relations throughout the maiden voyage of the Million Dollar Bus’ journey across Canada in 2017, Melissa is a professional Event Manager who has overseen a wide variety of events spanning many genres; including sports, music, art, Expos and technology.  Continue reading “Melissa Sbrega”

Jamie Cottington

Videographer / Photographer
The videographer for the maiden voyage of the Million Dollar Bus’ journey across Canada in 2017, Jamie brings a wealth of corporate and creative experience, meticulous attention to detail (& rugged European charm) to the team. Continue reading “Jamie Cottington”